Verdant Fields Kit Breakdown

Will sulli ws bigprops

Kit breakdown for larger architectural elements. All of the stonework pieces use either a tiling texture, or a single trim sheet. The tiling texture for the grass is tri-planar projected, so the hill meshes can easily be edited without concern for seams.

Will sulli ws bigprops wire
Will sulli ws smallprops

Breakdown of the smaller foreground elements. All stonework assets all share the same material, unwrapped onto a trim sheet.

Will sulli ws smallprops wire

The bushes have several LOD levels as well.

Will sulli materialspotlight

All textures were created in Substance Designer for fast iteration. I was able to leverage pieces of graphs across multiple textures to economize production. They all use a custom shader I wrote in Amplify for quick iteration on stylized mood.

Will sulli ws buildingkit

Kit pieces for buildings. All wall pieces, including the doors, are using the same trim texture, with various parameters exposed in a custom shader I wrote to increase versatility.

Will sulli ws buildingkit wire

Wireframe, the bushes are currently at LOD 0, with two more custom LOD levels above that.

Will sulli ws buildingall

The five building prefabs created with the building kit.

Will sulli ws building3
Will sulli ws building2
Will sulli ws building5
Will sulli ws building1
Will sulli ws building4
Will sulli ws verdantfields concept2

One of the original concepts created for this tileset. Some of the important early considerations included how the environment would mesh with the existing UI, and how the characters and combat would exist onscreen within the environment.

Will sulli ws verdantfields concept1

Although the environment changed quite a bit over production, I already had a strong idea of where I wanted to go at this stage.

I created this level with Daemon Games as a part of their unannounced mobile RPG. I was responsible for all pictured, including the production, design, and effects on this level.

Shared with permission from Daemon Games LLC.

November 25, 2018