Handpainted Mobile RPG Characters

Will sulli willsullivan kinchyletechnicalrender
Will sulli willsullivan kinchylebeautyrender
Will sulli kinchylebody tex
Will sulli willsullivan anyabeautyrender
Will sulli willsullivan anyatechnicalrender
Will sulli anya tex
Will sulli willsullivan greybeardbeautyrender
Will sulli willsullivan greybeardtechnicalrender
Will sulli greybeardbody tex

These characters were created with Daemon Games for their unannounced mobile RPG. The first one had an existing concept, but the latter I created the concept on my own, which was a fun challenge! The project had differing needs for facial animation, so some of the characters have their faces painted in, and some have separate sheets that can change, similar to how faces were done for Wind Waker.

Shared with permission from Daemon Games LLC.

November 23, 2019