Mobile RPG Character Selection Screen

Will sulli willsullivan campfire 1

This is the primary shot, where the player will select their characters to edit.

Will sulli willsullivan campfire 2

The moss on the stones is procedural, World-space normals and a texture-alpha are blended together in a custom shader, to create moss that's always on the top of the stones.

Will sulli willsullivan campfire 3

This scene was developed in collaboration with Daemon Games to create a party selection screen where you would assemble your team in their unannounced mobile RPG. I was responsible for all pictured, even the FX! Some textures are hand-painted, and some are created in Substance. It was fun to build an immersive little scene like this, where the player could start to imagine their party wandering the land.

Shared with permission by Daemon Games LLC.

November 23, 2019